2013 Submissions

i don't know {durn} Dance Song
Sea Breeze {durn} Video Game Loop
Peace {durn} House Song
Scorched Earth {durn} Dubstep Song
Food of Love {durn} Dance Song
Drrrty Dancing {durn} Techno Song
Disco Daze {durn} New Wave Song
Electrolyze {durn} Techno Song
La Salope {durn} Dance Song
haus {durn} House Song
(ch)ill {durn} Dubstep Song
Seasons {durn} Trance Song
St. Peter's Gate {durn} Dubstep Song
RAM {durn} Dance Song
Infinity {durn} House Song
Sidechain Your Heart {durn} Miscellaneous Song
Carried Away {durn} Trance Song
One Step, Two Step {durn} House Song
Clear Skies {durn} House Song
Freedom {durn} House Song
Our World {durn} House Song
Rain {durn} House Song
Toronto Sunrise {durn} Trance Song
JVGWDM {durn} Video Game Song
Summer Solace {durn} House Song
Newer than Old {durn} Techno Song
Voice Wins {durn} Trance Song
Out in Space {durn} Drum N Bass Song
Imagine (remix) {durn} Drum N Bass Song
Ain't it Funny How {durn} Video Game Loop
It Just Can't Wait {durn} Trance Song
Down to One {durn} Techno Song
Both Sides of the Moon {durn} Trance Song
Grinder {durn} Trance Song
Unzipped {durn} Trance Song
St. Michael's pt. 2 {durn} Video Game Song
St. Michael's pt. 1 {durn} Video Game Song
TTC {durn} Video Game Song
Skywalk {durn} Video Game Song
The Path {durn} Video Game Loop
Soulful Departure {durn} Trance Song
Leap of Faith {durn} Trance Song