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Absolutely incredible. This looks so incredibly professional, from the framing of the shots to the zoom and focus during pans. Just pure awesome. It was light and touching, very reminiscent of Pixar.

I liked the soft humour at the end too, I wonder what the girl would've said if she saw herself painted there. Lol. :) I love it when the glimpse of a world is so good that it leaves you thinking about the characters and their lives beyond the film. Congratulations on making a truly remarkable piece. :) Thanks for the experience.

glad I don't live in USA

sucks to yanks and their guns. smart idea for a short though, chillingly true.


that was fucking disgustingly funny. :D

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fun game, long-term playability

I love that the radio looks like Domokun. Nice bit of cuteness amongst all the gore. ;)


can't wait for ninja dog 2: pigtails

always loved choose-your-own adventure books

and this is just as enjoyable. my only complaint is that the text is too light against the background. really rough on people with poorer vision. maybe darken it just a few shades? :)

Hyptosis responds:

I'll do that, thanks!

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Really beautiful track, man. I could see this being the epic intro to a crazy hard metal track. The clarity and power of the piano could be so highly utilized as a sick contrasting intro to a much harder and dirtier style. Not to say it doesn't stand alone nicely, I just keep imagining a roaring guitar lead come in with mad double-kicks and wailing and just metal. :D Lol. Great work, TimmyD!

TimmyDope responds:

Thanks mate. I enjoy writing electro music but I think my skill lies in the stuff i write on piano. I have more freedom with the piano. I will record some other piano songs i have written and post em too, hope you will check em out some time. Thanks for the review and Im glad you like it.

Just as trippy and awesome as I remember your stuff to be, just more professionally done nowadays! :D Really clean sound, love the panning and use of vocal clips. My only dislike was the repetitiveness of the bassline between 1:23-2:00, I think it woulda been good if you'd use some chopping to make it more rhythmic after the first 8 bars and applied some filters to give it some movement. Besides that, absolutely sick track, loved it. :)

Your hats need some work. Too much of the same open hi. The panning seems a tad too wide on them as well. Other than that, I really like the song a lot. :) The melodies and kick+snare are done amazingly. I actually like the later breakdown you do just before the 3 minute mark until you start goin' heavy with the hats again at 3:09ish. Great song, dude. :)

dj-Jo responds:

Hey thanks for the review Durn :)
I'll watch the pan knob next time, and yeah
Maybe I'll explore some more hihat samples.

Glad you like the song!

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It feels unfinished. This is some amazing work but it's obvious that a lot more detail was put into the left character. The accents and details on his clothing and body are more actualized-- the highlights are sharper and his shadows are deeper; there's more realism to him. I absolutely love this, as I played the shit out of this game when I was a kid, but you need to finish it properly to get my 5 stars! :)

LuwyRock responds:

thank you very much for your criticism! True has more details guy! greetings from Argentina!!

Hahaha, #5 looks like Conan O'Brien! :D

14hourlunchbreak responds:

We have a winner!

This is just phenomenal. I have been showing everyone I know the speedpaint video as it just blows my mind how much of a grasp you have of colour theory and perspective. Just wow, man. Seriously amazing work. :)

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