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The Sadness that Follows The Sadness that Follows

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Really beautiful track, man. I could see this being the epic intro to a crazy hard metal track. The clarity and power of the piano could be so highly utilized as a sick contrasting intro to a much harder and dirtier style. Not to say it doesn't stand alone nicely, I just keep imagining a roaring guitar lead come in with mad double-kicks and wailing and just metal. :D Lol. Great work, TimmyD!

TimmyDope responds:

Thanks mate. I enjoy writing electro music but I think my skill lies in the stuff i write on piano. I have more freedom with the piano. I will record some other piano songs i have written and post em too, hope you will check em out some time. Thanks for the review and Im glad you like it.

Fate Of One (TimmyDope) Fate Of One (TimmyDope)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just as trippy and awesome as I remember your stuff to be, just more professionally done nowadays! :D Really clean sound, love the panning and use of vocal clips. My only dislike was the repetitiveness of the bassline between 1:23-2:00, I think it woulda been good if you'd use some chopping to make it more rhythmic after the first 8 bars and applied some filters to give it some movement. Besides that, absolutely sick track, loved it. :)

Fighting ofThe Spirit Rmx Fighting ofThe Spirit Rmx

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Your hats need some work. Too much of the same open hi. The panning seems a tad too wide on them as well. Other than that, I really like the song a lot. :) The melodies and kick+snare are done amazingly. I actually like the later breakdown you do just before the 3 minute mark until you start goin' heavy with the hats again at 3:09ish. Great song, dude. :)

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dj-Jo responds:

Hey thanks for the review Durn :)
I'll watch the pan knob next time, and yeah
Maybe I'll explore some more hihat samples.

Glad you like the song!

Time-Metaljonus Time-Metaljonus

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As always, Jonus, absolutely epic piece of work; I cranked my speakers and rocked out hard. The neighbours upstairs are pounding on the floor. Lol.

Good to see you posting here again, and awesome to see that you're using Reason. It's f'ing sick, eh? I'm guessing you're using R6 with the faux-SSL mixer and audio-in capabilities? I've been a Reason user for years, absolutely love the program. It's always neat to see what others are up to with it. :)

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Metaljonus responds:

If crank the metal they will come! To tell you to turn it down LOL. I've been posting on here for a while now lol but yeah I got reason 4 for the time being and I fucking love this program! Once I get better expect some non metal stuff too. :)

Feast - Bangsmack (unfinished) Feast - Bangsmack (unfinished)

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Sick but in the wrong order

Should start with the dance craziness and then have the gentle part as your bridge and then go back to the dance again. I dunno, that's how I'd do it anyways. :) Great stuff, man. Absolutely love your harmonies.

FEAST responds:


Somethin Crazy Somethin Crazy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Noisy, ridiculous, crazy!

A definite mish-mash of sounds but it all flows nicely. Big fan of that filtered percussion loop you start with. I especially love when you bring in the guitar solo - is that you jamming or a loop?

Nice ending to the track it sounds like a culmination of all parts rising to a grand finale. Great tune!

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~|| Escape ~|| Escape

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I love how smooth and relaxing the tune is. What I find hilarious and strange is that instantly it makes me think of the chorus from "You can leave your hat on" by Tom Jones. I actually went and listened to be sure and both tunes are in the same key, your hook even kinda sounds like when the choir of ladies sing "you can leave your hat on". That just makes this song that much more awesome. Kudos! :D

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Eternal Love[Original Mix Eternal Love[Original Mix

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Great song!

I'd be kinda worried about God pursuing you everywhere though. Sounds like you've got a stalker.

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stephenstripling responds:

Well what I mean by "God pursuing me" is that whenever I mess up, He's always there waiting for me and working to bring me back to Himself. Hope that helps. Thanks for the review!

==(Hammock Song)== ==(Hammock Song)==

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Like a nice mango smoothie

Definitely agree that it'd be nice if it were a bit longer or maybe just looped a bit better.

Buoy responds:

quote from my response to merlin's review which is the same as this: "I didn't have any good melodies that would justify stretching it out. Right now I can play the whole thing off muscle memory so I think that's a good place to cut it off. I didn't think of it as a loop but I could make it loop better for flash purposes or something."

*looping is fixed now!

Mexpha Previews Mexpha Previews

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some crazy shit in there, liked it all

BUT 2:59-3:34 is my kinda House. Fuck yeah, buddy.