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I'm on -my- way...

Over to your place to beat you up for trying to make me happy!

Honestly, stop it! It's actually working. :)

Seriously though, I love it. :) Very upbeat and full of love and adventure.

Excellent melodies and progression

Muddy on the mixing though. Clear at some points but then headache inducing at others, no headroom left.

I really liked the way everything progresses it just seems a little raw at times.

Tight beat

Will sound a lot better once someone throws down on it but definitely good sound. :)

Great spy/undercover music

Sounds like something right out of a spy game. Really nice, mellow yet intriguing tune. :)

stevenfostermusic responds:

haha :D i think i'm going to upload the high quality of this once i have finished. thank you for review!

Nice start

Would be more interesting if you added some other percussive effects, a light shaker or something.

I like the melody though it sounds a bit weak when you go off at 40, maybe layer a third synth as well?

Regardless, I like it. :) Catchy and compelling, I imagine a side-scrolling 8-bit hallway with torches and bats and such.

Good start...

However, the delay really starts to get muffled though it was starting to sound pretty trancey. :) I liked it.

Please don't hack and slash!

You've got the workings for an amazing track here. But you made a serious mistake by trying to re-hash the old vocals. If you want this song to live up to its full potential, please re-record the vocals instead of trying to granulize them. It just doesn't sound right, man.


Needs a much heavier/distorted kick. Melodies are definitely suited but the rhythm needs to be harsher, sharper and more in your face.

Starts off kinda meh...

kinda sloppy jammish...

but at 1 minute-ish in it definitely gets an industrial feel to it but then loses it with the solo (leave the loop from before playing underneath the solo maybe?).

ends more like a jam than a song which is why you're probably having trouble identifying the style.

I think if you work on the middle section and expand on that style you could do something pretty incredible. :)

yayman223 responds:

thnx 4 ur review :)

i kind of get what ur leading on with it being jamish, i was lazy with the ending on this one, i do like my begining though so im gonna stick with that, i do like ur idea on leaving that loop underlying as a rhythm guitar though so i might try that when i revisit this song.

Thnx 4 ur helpful review :)


The ice cream man's coming and he's creepier than ever! lol, sounds like a kinda twisted happy take on a carnival ride song.

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