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ahh man, this kicks ass. :)

honestly, so nice. :)

I gotta ask, is the title in reference to the old degrassi junior high episode?

man, loops so nice too. :D great work here!

houzatosis responds:

maybe it is...;)

GREAT Happy Hardcore :)

very nicely done. very professional sound quality & production skills. could hear this being in a happy2bhardcore album easy.

I don't listen to happy hardcore anymore but I know top notch stuff when I hear it. :)

DjYeoh responds:

Thanks! well, i dont listen to happy hardcore too, just that my friend request for a remix :D glad you like it!

8-bit progressive house! w00t!


I love it, man. Very unique and definitely a lot of fun. :)

Lead melody at 1:25 or so is kinda boring, pretty much my only complaint.

Really neat besides that. :)

Kaggen responds:

Heh thanks! :>

hot Hot HOT!!!


Nothing bad to say at all. I'm in a very happy space cause of this song now. :) Excellent work. Ambient space, energetic beats and melodies that're nice and laid-back... mmmmm, I feel like I'm at my cottage lying on the dock late at night looking up at the stars.

Top notch stuff, man. Really sexy.

mmm island beaches big sound system house

me likey. :) nothing bad to say.

Mans0n responds:

:O ohhshit durn thanks for the awesome review!

Nice melodies :)

But yeah, I've gotta agree with people below. Due to the breaky nature of the song a thicker kick would be nice,

I freaking LOVE where you take it around 1:10 in or so. That digitized synth you use is sooo sweet, loved it. :)

Felt when you brought it back at 1:48 or so it woulda been nice if it was a harmonized melody instead of the same melody as the supporting lead.

Love when you drop it back to the digitized synth at 2:29, I love that thing. though the way you drop the one supporting synth is kinda weak, better transition woulda been nice.

ends rather abruptly too. still, great work here, man. :) kept me grooving for most of it, just felt lacking in a few spots. :)

Enteroar responds:

thanks sirrrr :) but i really dont know what else to do with the kicks....i put new ones in too ):

love the intro

the lead synth ends up being too loud compared to your rhythm elements once you bring them in though.

bass seems kinda muted, beef that baby up! :)

once you bring the lead back in around 1:30 or so it`s at a more reasonable volume.

some more work coulda been spent on your build at the 2:20 or so mark. it sounds kinda abrupt/weird the way the hi-hats come in with the kick, maybe introduce just the kick at first?

btw, -love- the tom-roll sample you use, that is great stuff, you should definitely pump the volume on that! :)

to be honest, it shows that it only took you a day. hehe, not much focus/time was spent on transitions, which can really help keep your track rolling/interesting/energized.

regardless, the fact that you can get this far in a day shows that you can do much better if you really spend the time. :)

nice tune, man!

Pezmobile responds:

Thanks alot for the comments. I was afraid the toms would sound weird if I had them too loud but apparently i should have had them louder. The reason i only spent one day on it is because the first synth was created in Sawer which i only have the demo so if i closed fl the synth wouldn't save with the rest of the song. Of course i could copy the sequence and reinsert the synth if i saved the preset but I'd still have to redo all the automations.

I dont think I'll redo anything on this song but i'll put your advice towards my next one.




I got the zero-bomb blues

hey baby, they got me dowwwwwwwn.
those zero-bomb blues, they sho know howwwwwwww.
I got the zero-bomb bluessssssssss.

I like it. Dunno what's wrong with others! :D

Little piercing on the lead at times and the background riff seems a bit off at times but great solo-jam. :)

wild sampling

Right up my alley. At first I was like "Ah, what a nice snowy day, oh look at that, the weatherman forecasts 5cm of snow" and then the beat dropped and I was all "Oh shit, there's a bunch of black ice under that stuff, I'd better stay home with some cocoa and relax by the window, watching the snow float down."

Cause, y'know, 5cm is totally enough to warrant a snowday, am'I'right? ;)

TBizzle responds:


Very energetic!

Definitely boss-battle style tuneage. :) Very full-sounding, on both headphones and laptop speakers. At times the drums seemed sporadic but at others you timed the rolls and drops so damn well. So, kudos on a great 2nd try. :)

dj-Jo responds:

Thanks dude :D
Kudos to you for reviewing and actually taking the time to listen!

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