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Really beautiful track, man. I could see this being the epic intro to a crazy hard metal track. The clarity and power of the piano could be so highly utilized as a sick contrasting intro to a much harder and dirtier style. Not to say it doesn't stand alone nicely, I just keep imagining a roaring guitar lead come in with mad double-kicks and wailing and just metal. :D Lol. Great work, TimmyD!

TimmyDope responds:

Thanks mate. I enjoy writing electro music but I think my skill lies in the stuff i write on piano. I have more freedom with the piano. I will record some other piano songs i have written and post em too, hope you will check em out some time. Thanks for the review and Im glad you like it.

Your hats need some work. Too much of the same open hi. The panning seems a tad too wide on them as well. Other than that, I really like the song a lot. :) The melodies and kick+snare are done amazingly. I actually like the later breakdown you do just before the 3 minute mark until you start goin' heavy with the hats again at 3:09ish. Great song, dude. :)

dj-Jo responds:

Hey thanks for the review Durn :)
I'll watch the pan knob next time, and yeah
Maybe I'll explore some more hihat samples.

Glad you like the song!

As always, Jonus, absolutely epic piece of work; I cranked my speakers and rocked out hard. The neighbours upstairs are pounding on the floor. Lol.

Good to see you posting here again, and awesome to see that you're using Reason. It's f'ing sick, eh? I'm guessing you're using R6 with the faux-SSL mixer and audio-in capabilities? I've been a Reason user for years, absolutely love the program. It's always neat to see what others are up to with it. :)

Metaljonus responds:

If crank the metal they will come! To tell you to turn it down LOL. I've been posting on here for a while now lol but yeah I got reason 4 for the time being and I fucking love this program! Once I get better expect some non metal stuff too. :)

Sick but in the wrong order

Should start with the dance craziness and then have the gentle part as your bridge and then go back to the dance again. I dunno, that's how I'd do it anyways. :) Great stuff, man. Absolutely love your harmonies.

FEAST responds:


Great song!

I'd be kinda worried about God pursuing you everywhere though. Sounds like you've got a stalker.

stephenstripling responds:

Well what I mean by "God pursuing me" is that whenever I mess up, He's always there waiting for me and working to bring me back to Himself. Hope that helps. Thanks for the review!


Just sick. Has the same VG vibe that I can't seem to get enough but done dubstep styles. Mmmmm, love it. No complaints man. Glad you reviewed my track cause I hadn't heard your stuff before, it's all top-notch and creamy!

Or4nges responds:

:D Glad you like it! I try making my dubstep a little more melodic. Kinda got sick of the whole WROAR WROARR wubwubwuwbuwbwub thing, you know? It's all so similar :P

Thanks again! I'm glad I found your stuff too, it's ridiculously tasty.


But not Nu-Disco really. I'd classify this as Dance, personally, as it has the loud/heavy kick and thick synths. Nu-Disco is more personified by a live-sounding drum set and classic synths but using modern compression/production techniques.

Sorry to get into semantics there. :D

The song itself is amazing, my ONLY complaint is the weird ^knock* sound that you use at 0:03, 0:05, 0:07, etc. It seems totally unsuited to the rest of the track. Everything else meshes and gels so well but that just seems off. I'd use a big splashy clap as it raises anticipation more.

Or4nges responds:

Yeah I know, the only real disco-ey portion is the bass in the intro and the breaks. But I went for nu-disco, failed, but still claim it as such. Probably from stubbornness. Actually this was when I still thought French House and Nu-Disco were the same thing. I was going for a French House vibe, but without the sampling. Either way I got something totally different lol.

Also that knock was kind of a last minute thing. I wanted a sort of house beat behind the intro/outro, and I thought it fit pretty well. Now that I think about it, a clap would probably work a little better.

Either way, I'm gonna upload a more finished track eventually, I contacted the band I got the "You can't back down" from, and they're gonna send me the acapella to that song :D I'll have more of that in there, and probably fix the knock.

Thanks for the input! Always glad to get some good critique here and there.

Haha, such a playful melody

Seriously such an uplifting and smiley tune, man. Sounds like an old happy hardcore song but slowed down. Perfect BG music for a whimsical adventure game.

Or4nges responds:

Haha, spot on. I wrote this while playing minecraft. Made me feel like just walking around.

Thanks man!

love the lead synth. :)

Great smooth and rich bass too. The breakbeat is neat but the melody gets kinda repetitive after a while. I think it's the chords, maybe if you automated them over time, automating things like release and filter cutoff.

Like when you drop the beat at 1:09 or so it'd be neat if the chords were very tight release and bit lower on filter, then gradually bring filter then release once it's -just- the chords to get a really huge clubby kinda sound goin'. :)

You've got a great melody so you don't need to change that, just automate things a bit more to liven things up! Great track, Blackbyrd. :)

TheBlackbyrd responds:

I would love to learn how to automate. thanks for the tip. Now i have something to look into.

Haha, great song, it grows on you.

Fun and bouncy with great transitions and a constantly flowing and evolving melody, I liked this quite a bit. :) This is totally going to get used in some games, it's too good not to!

Honestly, no complaints, great chiptune. :)

heroin-Addict responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! haha, I'd like to see this in a game. I can't even imagine what the game would be like to fit with the tune heh heh
if you like this one you should check out some of my other stuff.
Thanks for the review and and the score!

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