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not a trumpet player but

my advice would be practice it until you can do it perfectly in a single take. :) love that melody though.

AccountableMasses responds:


crazy and fun

I totally recognize the melody from a tune years back but for the life of me can't remember the name. maybe not an intentional cover on your part but the melody totally rings a bell. :)

Full and tightly eq'd.

Every sound had it's own peak and didn't interfere with any others. Sounded nice on headphones and speakers both. Great job. :)

Lalalo14 responds:

Thank you very much! :D

Lol, love the beats. :)

Poppy and light-hearted beats but the bassline gets too repetitive, shoulda changed it up to reflect the flow of your beats. :)

I don't like the solo you go into at 1:15-1:45. Seems offkey with the melody you had before and after.

Besides that, very gamey and would be very suited once you address the issue of the bassline. :)

SlackerProductions responds:

I put in the solo in order to make the bassline seem less repetitive, guess it didn't work so well, then. It was my first attempt at a solo anyway.

Hopefully I can go back and change it, I kinda lost the bassline channel on the project file of this song due to demo limitations. I should be able to recreate it though.

Thanks for the input!


excellent driving music. :) peaceful yet upbeat. I can definitely imagine snowflakes falling along to the piano triplets. and the passing lights extending long shadows much like the strings.

really top-notch stuff. :) no complaints at all. captivating and mesmerizing! good stuff, man. :D

ID-N responds:

hey ho
thank u master :)

wait for your BIG new YEAR track ;)

aye, change up the bass melody

this woulda been sickness to the max had the melody changed up. all the percussive elements had rises and builds and proper transitions and were just great. but because the melody was so repetitive it fell a bit flat.

besides that, just awesomeness. :)

landscapers1 responds:


impressive yet again

I had blue mood on loop for a while and just had to check out your other stuff. :)

you've got an excellent grasp of ambient melody. just enough notes to set a subtle tone, truly dramatic. :) excellent slicing of your rhythm elements, loved it to death.

only thing I didn't like was that you brought the kick in full force for the roll at 1:27 or so. felt it woulda been better had you brought the volume of the kick from low-full over 2-4 bars instead of just slamming facefirst into the heavy kick right off the bat.

excellent stuff here, man. :)

landscapers1 responds:

Constructive comment! I love you :D

sooooo ambient

loved it. everything about it. from the fullness of the decay on the piano to the quick filter cutoffs you do at a minute in.

just... ah, so lovely. :) it feels like the long drive home after working outside in the glorious face of mother nature all day. tired, sore, but fulfilled.

glad I checked your stuff out. :) nice song man.

landscapers1 responds:

I was in a blue mood while making this, lol ^-^. Thanks for the helpful review durn!

you've got talent

sounds really good, bit too much echo on the vocals. sorry if I came across like a jerk on my other review. :) had just never heard anyone rap about video games before. it's a new and different generation comin' up though, so there'll prolly be plenty of it in time. :D

D90 responds:

naw bro, its all good, i appreciate all reviews negative or bad, thanks a ton


Congrats on a truly inspiring collaboration, you two. :) After hearing this I fully expected the original, Heaven is Close, to be an electronic track. To hear that Helth took a beautiful symphonic tune and turned it into some killer house is just awesome. :)

A little over-compressed at times (specifically 2:22 or so, the fullness of the pad goes a little nasty on the ears, around 3:20 or so as wel, bit much) and I don't like how the reverse kick is side-chained, it adds a weird hole to the sound. the rest of this song is just beautiful.

I was gonna give a nine due to the problems but decided they're so minor, and really, you two deserve a 10 on this. :)

Way to go, guys!

FairSquare responds:

Thank you!
And Helth deserves most credit for this, really.
I appreciate your review :D

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