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home alone 2010!

lol, seriously. it's like the montage sequence music for the up-till-now unspoken-of upcoming Home Alone movie! :d

which is to say that you've got some great skills! :) sounds very professionally done. just like something out of a movie. bravo. no complaints at all. to me this just sounds awesome and so suited to the season. :)

cakeofbeef responds:

Although I think Macaulay Culkin is an insult to film in general, I'm flattered to be compared to John Williams.
Thanks for the review!

ah, taken back to the 80s OF THE FUTURE!

lol, surreal in a way. I like it. nice stereo-widening of the drum samples. sounds very pretty. good stuff here, man. :)

nice progression. :)

everything flows really well. not all the beat samples are quite right in terms of placement. case in point, you overuse the rimshot. should switch it up for a snare and do more fills every once in a while.

other than that, I liked it a lot. :) good try!

like being on a spaceship

could definitely hear this being the atmospheric sample being played when walking through a hallway on a spaceship. quite nice. :)

Tykwa responds:

spaceship was my first goal, and then it morphed with nature.


now that I've listened to it twice I could definitely see this as two songs. the first part could definitely take longer to expand.

regardless, wonderfully done. really nice piece here. :) love the horns.

Bouncy and happy!

Reminds me of my happy hardcore days but not as intrusively fast :D, you've done a swell job here. :) I wish you swiftness in getting it done.

ioneofmany responds:

Thank you very much sir! (:

mm haze maze cave

was definitely my favourite take on the mario theme when playing it on the 64.

I agree with SirKoto, the rhythm elements get a little repetitive. the shakers, specififcally. if you cut them in and out every 16 or 32 bars (depending on your structure) or so it'd help make the rhythm more progressive. really it's the fact that you keep the shakers at 1/32 for so long instead of as just part of a build, I think.

great instrumental melodies that unfortunately get bogged down by the repetitiveness of the shakers.

BowserThedestructive responds:

yeah thanks for the informative review sorry about that yes when planned the orchestrating formation of the mario 64 songs which is my main project right now i wanted to give haze maze cave a new lively different feel. Which included chopping the bar's to give different effect then i knew of before. So Now i use that chopping of the bar's effect to give a dynamic effect even more so then before. On other ones i have planned ill make sure to try not to have them has repetitive. But still keep their Endurance and orignal/Orignality feel.


jesus christ, are you trying to give me a flashback?

no critical comments because it just sounds so oldskool and it's touching me in strange places.

Fums responds:

Ta very much ........ its all about the right feel

excellent flow

damn smooth. I'd say all this track is missing is a -much- thicker beat and some female vocal hooks and crazy live-sampled tom fills and this'd sound top-notch.

nice stuff, man.

electro fiesta!

however, at 22 seconds in you should've brought in some riding hi-hats to make the rhythm progress a little more. :)

lovely sound though! :D just a little repetitive on the beat side.

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