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sounds like prodigy experience

out in space!

JimmyEffinVandal responds:

thankls at least someone likes this, but dude if you like the prodigy than check out my original work, its uploaded, the rest of my music is way better

I think you should stop teasing...

And give us a full tune. :) Only complaint is that maybe the bass should slowly fade in. or maybe use a solid sub bass instead. the repeating bass is suited once the beat starts but seems a bit out of place prior. :)

killer loungey sound. :) I like it.

Archangel-Briggs responds:

Bass not particularly my strong point, but I'm glad you like it...

great melody and nice use of the vocoder

however, your drum samples are too choppy/distorted and not that suited.

honestly, if you used some nice, rich r'n'b drum loops or samples for this it'd sound hot! :)

love the solo at 2:00 or so in. :) ahhh, man, if only the kick wasn't so farty this'd be nice. although... what the heck're you doing 2:35-3:00 in? :P lol, sounds weird.

besides those, really nice stuff here. :) very original. I liked it.

padlock916 responds:

hey, thanks for the review. :) i'm aware of the way the drums sound... the whole song is supposed to sound a little clumsy and unsure as the character in the song doesn't know if his romantic intrest loves him or not. as for the 2:35-3:00 segment of the song (the second half of the solo) i was going for the contrast that the lyrics decribe, between times that the person in the song feels comfortable with his love intrest and times where it seems that she is ignoring him...you know, happy and sad and all that junk. then the only verse in the song repeats itself because it's happening to him again and again and again. get it? anyway thanks for the review man. (p.s. i'm not discrediting anything that you said. I completely understand and repect your review.)

warm and fuzzy it makes me indeed!

but if you beefed up that kick drum it'd make me feel HOT! :)

nice harmonies! :)

great melodic progression as well!! :D just... your rhythm section that needs work. :) the beat's a little too cheesy and repetitive. serious, your melodies are hella fun, I love em. :) but the drums slay me. heh.

and at the end... why'd you cut it out two notes short? :p

ShadowWingz responds:

yeah, I suck at drums, and I wasn't sure how to end it. Maybe it should fade out or something? Anyway, its a work in progress and I'm not sure when I'll finish it.
I'm glad you like it though!

Thanks for the review!


yeah, it wasn't! :D intro was having me go 'Huh?'

really fun and funky rhythm and melody afterwards. cheesy and oldskool sounding. I like it! :D

should start it at around 30 seconds in though. the bell is annoying. the doooo is more fun!

that you singing?

pretty good if it is. :)

good harmonization of your elements at the beginning. I really enjoy it up until 1:08 or so but yeah, the middle part seems weak once you get the beat going faster. seems offtime in a lot of places too, both the melodies and the beat itself.

the weird dripping sound effect gets annoying after a while too. kinda outta place.

Chista responds:

Yah, I have alot of work still to do with it.
Nd yeah that is me singing!! I did it all on my keyboard, and I didn't align anything properly but thanks for the review! I prob will get rid of those dripping sounds.

I'd say throw it under ... oh... hmm, nevermind

lol, was gonna say pop and then this classical piano breakdown jumped out and I was just like whaaa...? hehehe. umh, yeah, good question. :) really excellent, regardless. it's the scaling at the end that makes the genre hard to place, I'd say. though maybe rock would be best bet. :)

Nermio responds:


coz it's not a typical videogame themed song, although it feels like anything could fit in the genre :P

nice warm bass for the intro

I like where you take it at a minute in, great use of samples. no complaints really, all the samples and synths seem well-suited. at about 1:54 some things seem to get a little over-compressed though. I like the detuning that follows though, nice way to break things down.

seems a little busy at around 2:40-3:15, can't quite place my finger on it but one of the pads seems amiss somehow. once you drop at 3:30 it sounds fine though.

just a few small things that felt off but otherwise really -really- well done. :)

DjKavi responds:

Thank you for the awesome review, its rare you get people to actually break down the track and tell you their opinions other than saying...crap...haha. Thanks for your time to review this.

good natural grasp of harmony

just, as you said, you need to learn how to utilize the program's full potential. :)

TickleNinja responds:

I think what I need is someone showing me in person, it's how I learn best. Thanks for the review!

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