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nice :) really nice

at about a minute in I forgot I was on newgrounds and thought I was listening to a new MGMT track I hadn't heard. :) really nice sound. love it to death.

w00t, this be racin' music!!

heinous idiots scoring this low are just jealous, this is great. :)

great video game track. my only complaint is that the white noise is just a tad too loud/piercing, maybe tone it down a tiny bit. :)

great drum n bass goin' on here. the rhythm is progressive and definitely adds to the driving feel of the song. :) I like the choice of electric piano synth you've got for the chords.

very soca-inspired, I love it. :)

ID-N responds:

hey durn
i have make an bad mistake, first i put this on drum´n bass genre, than here video game i think this was a reason t low scoring

i´m glad about that u like my track man
ok maybe i should tone it a bit down the white noise, but i want to make a sick feeling with this piercing perc.


ahhh, ya bastard!

I can't help but give you a 5 every time I listen to this song and it's been quite a few times now. just such a rippin' lead synth choice and the funky-ass melodies you have going on on it compliment it to a tee.

just fantastic. ear orgasms with headphones on and crystal clear through shitty laptop speakers as well. top shelf, mate!

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Hey durn thanks for all the compliments :]
This year I'm gonna try to post more stuff here
I've been quite neglectful of this site.


the pad melody is reallllly reminding me of an old Ministry of Sound hit from a few years back. grooooovin' latin-style bassline.

the drums are a little boring though, not enough change-up. try using two different hi-hat/percussion loops and switching between the two every 8-16 bars. and fill loops help a -lot- for adding excitement to the rhythm section. :)

not a big fan of the synth you bring in at 3:00 or so in. doesn't seem very suited to the other sounds.

good effort on trying to create a breakdown but it falls a bit flat. really, you don't need much advice as it sounds like you're on the right track. :) you just need more play and practice!

good work, man. :)

duuude, love it. :)

I could totally see this being the soundtrack to a mario-kart moon level. awesome, was totally caught by surprise when it went electronic. very nice transitions. just awesomeness. :)

lovely track

however, I agree with mushroomhead that it gets far too thick. at 0:45, to be precise. I'd suggest chopping up that pattern you've got and using the same notes as stabs, offset in time from the beep-boops. :) would achieve a funky rhythmic effect and work as introduction to 1:15 when the thickness of the sound is actually pretty nice. :)

boogie music

somethin' to shake your hips too. really nice work here. ambient and moving with a wide headspace. the same melody throughout and yet it never got boring. which means fantastic automation and rhythm progressions! :D

I don't like the one pad you use at around 3:20ish though. it's got a bit too much resonance -- makes my ears ring. not enough to lower from a 10 though. :)

top notch stuff here, man. really smooth ride the whole track through.

haywirehaywire responds:

thanks bro!

mmm, silky and smokey

I love all the synths you chose. they're perfect. :)

however, for drum samples the closed hi-hat in the left stereo seems a bit too loud or eq'd high in the wrong spectrum.

at first I didn't like the chord structure but once you introduced the acid lead I was in love. :) very classic lounge sound.

got a little repetitive by the end though. a different melody at some point woulda been nice. :)

other than that, love it, wish I was at a lounge with martini in hand.

Kaizerwolf responds:

Hahah cool man, thanks! :D

very nicely done.

the white noise seems a bit over-compressed when you side-chain it at about 1:10 in or so when the vocals come in. the noise-crash is also a bit too loud and also compressed a bit too heavily at 1:25 in. just a fraction on both, really, but noticeable.

hmm, I've gotta agree about the bass. seems to be missing it's low-end and as a result the tune carries as a bit too top-heavy in the headspace. I wouldn't necessarily say to compress it more, maybe add a nice sub bass in another channel, with the same melodies, in order to beef up your low end. :)

pretty sick other than that though! :) nice stuff here, dude!

Wickedlat responds:

Great! thank you for helping me getting better ill use that for sure!


my girlfriend's been listening to the original of this song for weeks. she's gonna go nuts when she hears this!

awesome work here, man. :) absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bahdshah responds:

hahaha thanks alot! loads of my friends love the original, so I decided to make a remix =D

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