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Ohhhhh snap, love that funky guitar lick

I like the piano at the beginning, makes for a nice subtle build. Haha, so chillz and disco, especially those strings in the background. So fun. :D This is a track that's definitely asking for some lyrics to be added. Something Calvin Harris styles.

Dude, seriously lovin' the guitar, keeps making me smile. Love the bass slides you use as well, nice stuff.

Honestly there's not much bad I can say about the track. It's a laid-back feel-good tune that could easily be BG music to a video game or, with some smoooooth-ass classy lyrics added, just as relevant on the radio.

Nice to hear ya tryin' something different. :D Expect a new one from me soon too!

DISTRIX responds:

Hehe, yeah that guitar progression is quite the funky goodness. A lot of people keep telling me that it would be an even better track with vocals lol. Glad you enjoyed it though, and thanks for the review!

Great track

But I'm confused... At what year did Trance become House? I must be getting old. :(

PrEmoEffect responds:

Haha yes... no I'm just kidding. This is definitely not trance because trance has a more pumping bass, and more commercial sounding synths. Trance is also faster. House has more soul in my opinion, probably from all the throbbing sounds (from sidechaining), and is generally more warm and analogue feeling. Since this has a more euphoric melody, but the beats and sounds of house, it would probably be classified as progressive house, the intersection of the two genres.


dude... just... so good. so very, very good. excellent work on this track, man. :)


oh man, you just made my day, Jazza. fucking hilarious, dude.

aye, great chords

The whole intro has a very 80s electro-funk vibe to it... seriously man, really nice stuff here. I'm a big Chromeo fan and the intro totally has their feel to it... and then all of a sudden... wth!! If you'd told me you were going to combine funk and handsup I'd have giggled at you.... but damn if that isn't exactly what you've done here man. :)

Really interesting how you blend em, I personally prefer the funky parts of the song but really nice fusion work here, man. :)

Enteroar responds:

yep, twas my goal LOL. thanks, im one to combine styles :P

Great melodies

The washy synth is a little annoying after a while though, the constant wah-wah-wah-wah gets on the nerves. A few times the bass melody was a bit off and disharmonic but for the most part the melodies are very captivating and journey-like. :) Nice stuff, tac. Just be careful with all that heavy strumming.

lordtac1 responds:

I don't know why my response wasn't noted earlier, but anyways

You said the exact same thing another one of my friends said.


Was your mom a raver or something? Cause so much of your stuff sounds like the happy hardcore I used to listen to! Lol, then again, I was around 14 when I started raving so I guess your style does make sense. :D

8'd ya for two reasons. one, cause I'm not really a fan of the bass/chord change-up you do around 1:40 and 2:04, it really clashes with the rest of the melodies.

secondly, the side-chaining's a little thick, it's causing a few air-bubbles (I dunno what they're really called, that's what they sound like to me, like there's a bubble of silence floating up or something due to the compression).

other than that, quite nice dude. :)

Enteroar responds:

LOL YES SHE WAS ACTUALLY O_O Thats funny cus Ive been listening to tons of happy hardcore lately :D

Yea..I guess itd help if I studied some music theory. I guess I tried to hard there to try and make it sound different.

I don't know what you mean by that, but I do probably have to much sidechaining. oh well. thanks for the review. :D

Dark and beautiful

Your rhythm section is a little generic and could definitely use some work but your melodies are just.... ahhhh, sooo nice. :)

Great sound!

Everything blends and meshes so beautifully, I really like it. :) Like others below have said, the pad intro is a bit long.

The piano seems a little lonely though. Great chords, sounds well-mastered but... harmonically it sounds like there should be something building or being added in alongside it.

Then again, I guess this is just a demo. :D

Fantastic stuff here, dude. :)

cut the song and start it at 0:44 and you're gold!

I really like the lead melody that comes in after the build -- absolutely radio-friendly, man! :D

The clap+crash you chose for the tune are kinda m'eh. I love the kick+snare though.

You're definitely getting a lot better, man. :) As for eq'ing tips... trust your ears, dude. :) They're your first, best resource.

Enteroar responds:

Thanks. Means a lot coming from, durn :D I just hate when my songs end all short like this. no dancey ness. oh well.
I probably spend more time mixing the making the structure etc...:P
thanks again.

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