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great tune, man

very, very nice tune. but yes, it feels ambient still because your kick is lacking punch. whether it's the sample/synth you're using or lack of eq'ing/compression, it would be nice if the kick had a little more, well, kick to it. as it is it's kinda just thuddin' along. lack of hi-hats and other rhythmic elements also detract from the tune.

great melodic progression, absolutely wonderful headset and nice panning. this song totally deserves a 10 but as you said yourself, you need to get figurin' out the huge beat sound man! :D

very, very nice. :)

aliaspharow responds:

Thanks man! I'm really close to getting it. I found out that Its just my sound system thats making the bass sound way louder then it actually is. I'm trying to EQ it well and when i get that done il be able to get this song on the road.

ah, sweet as, man. f'in sweet as.

seriously, I've had it on loop for almost an hour now. just absolutely sick. :)

It's better than alright

It's driving, energetic and dark. Great beats, atmospheric pads and wonderfully warm and groovin' bassline.

Loved the break/build with the tamblas/congas, so nice. I like the noise effects you've got going on though it seems a little too sparse, like maybe something else could've been going on during the lul as well.

Especially cool when you bring in the arp lead.

Honestly, this is sooooo close to a 10/10, everything about this song was great, -except- for between 4:10 and the end. The rhythm section gets way too busy at this point and all sorts of weird clipping and noise gaps start appearing.

Besides that, helluva tune man. :)

Sorry to hear about your cat

And even more sad to hear that you're not going to be releasing tunes here anymore. You lent an intellectual maturity to the sounds of the Drum n' Bass stylings on Newgrounds. It's gonna be all VG DnB from here on out now! *sniff*

Honestly, dude, :P you'd better keep in touch with me about your future releases wherever they shall be.

Anyways, beautiful piece. As usual, your beats were well-done and everything mastered beautifully. The pads are full and dreamy and the piano just sits so nicely. Top-notch man. :)

all it's missing is singing :)

only thing holding me back from a 10. as epic as this was I think it woulda just been over the top if there'd been some nice singing as well. :)

really nice stuff, journey/story rock, I liked it a lot. :)

ZombieZappa responds:

HaHaHa, I know, the problem with adding vocals at this instant is that my setup has messed up, so I can't fix or add anything until I fix the DAW. There will be vocals on this eventually, so stay tuned!

really nice piano :)

it always wins me. your subtle use of side-chaining is nice, adds a kinda driving-game feel to the song. :)

I think it woulda been nice if you'd side-chained your lead synth as well at some point. nice exploration here. :) I'm a huge fan of side-chaining and gating myself so it's always nice to hear other people trying it out too.

Stargenx responds:

Maybe I will :\
This was just a test song. I may do more like this later.

reminds me of older times :)

definitely brings back fond memories of raves in the 90s. good progression throughout, you obviously put thought into it. :) I like the simple analog synths you use, clean and impactful sounds.

ah, the 4 chord formula!! :D

at 1:22 you shoulda dropped the filter on your saw lead, I think, and let it build up slowly so it would seem like more of a break. have it peak when you bring the piano in, y'know?

a little more automation of elements between the addition of new layers would've been nice as it would've added to the build feel.

I really like the guitar you bring in at 3:00, sick sick sick turn to the song man. :)

takes a little too long to build for my tastes though. though the 80s style drums are fun around 4:00 in but they could pump a little more, they fall a little flat compared to your melodic elements.

I really liked the song, but I think if you'd kept it shorter and focused more on how you brought each layer in gradually it would've had more impact.

thewolfera responds:

Ah thank you!
This is exactly the kind of criticism I want/need.

\m/, .\m/

I used to listen to a ton of Blind Guardian and Iced Earth so this was right up my alley. :)

I love the incorporation of the synths and the harmonic singing you do. Really sick tune :)

not bad

but one thing's bugging me. the attack on your bass is too sharp and just.. sounds too knocky. would be nice if it was smoother. try adjusting the attack in the filter ADSR settings of your bass synth.

also, why'd you call it instrumental when there's drums? :D hehe. not too shabby besides the bass thing. :)

smi1ey responds:

I actually added more attack on purpose, but I didn't think about the fact that I'm previewing the song on crappy headphones at work! I'll make some adjustments and re-up. Thx!

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