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starts off a little repetitive/boring

I think if you automated the frequency filters (from low to high) on your lead more during the opening it would make it sound less repetitive and much more interesting/different than when you bring it back in later. not that it's bad when you use it later around 2 minutes in, but during the intro it seems a little loud and piercing when it's by itself.

I like how you introduce the electro-ish kinda bassline.

I love the repetition filter you use around 4 minutes in, it's quite nice.

reaaallllly like the change up at 5:10 or so in, the way you use reverb to cascade things out is a nice touch. :)

only reason I gave 8 is because you use the one synth so much, and always in a high octave, would be nice if you at least started moving down so it's not always so high-strung. :)

Pezmobile responds:

Hmm. I kinda expected you to say that the synth was too high. The reason the synth is a bit pinchy in the beginning is because of the high pass filter. Honestly i think I'll do alot more touchups on this song for the album i'm hoping to release next year. And whats a repetition filter? well we use completely different programs. but i think you mean gating.

Well thanks for reviewing, you always write good helpful reviews


Nothing wrong with offbeat so long as it's ontime

The offbeat works when used properly and you did it well here. :) The melodies are kinda repetitive as you don't really change em up. The way you drop out the melodies and go to just drums is a little bland too. Maybe use a freq. filt on your rhythm section and automate it in?

Some elevator type whooshes and woops would help transitions as well. :)

ThaKidd responds:

You know...you're actually right. The main problem I had with this song is that I only had 2 days to work on this for a final project so I rushed it and left it as is. If I had as much time as I did for Lounge Hop, I would have a completely different sound than the one that came out.

Ahhhhh, relaxing

Absolutely LOVE the high-frequency electric piano melody and I really like the way everything picks up at 0:30 in. Honestly, really really nice sound on everything here. The bleeps are awesome. Totally suit the feel of the song.


so beautiful. :) seriously needs some female vocals. honestly, this sounds so nice but you MUST find a big-voiced girl to sing to it!!!!

nothing bad to say about this at all. wouldn't have heard it if someone hadn't told me my new song sounded like this one. mmm, morning vibes. your track's definitely much thicker though. :D nicely produced, man.

After having some xKore Morning Coffee, damn right I'll be having a Good Morning!

sounds a little thin at first

but I like how you use the thickening of the sound as a form of progression. it's simple yet effective.

kick could be a little thicker but all in all really nice melodies and excellent progression. :)

GrayZ responds:

:o you actually commented on my song! I should consider myself honoured. :P thanks man :)!

nice harmonies and full sound but...

the pad you introduce at 0:28 has way too much res. not just personal taste dictating that either, it comes off way too sharp on the ears.

good rhythmic progression throughout, I like the new melody you introduce at a minute in. the lead you use immediately after is a bit too loud, watch yer levels! :D

I like the drop at 2:24, nice build up. -Love- the drum roll you do at 3:09, that's really sweet. :)

Tone down your high-ends and lead volumes a bit and this'd be much better. :) Good stuff otherwise, man!

Pezmobile responds:

Thanks dude. I'll fix some of the levels and do a re-upload tomorrow

Like a dark 'n dirty Marvin Gay song

Serious, you throw some deep, sexy vocals on there and then... wtf happened after a minute in? jesus christ. that was odd. a different song, really. lol, weird. -1 because of it!

MattReeves responds:

Haha, the whole point of the song was to make something stupid that would make my friends laugh.


oh, so pretty.

nice remix. :)

80s 8-bit! :)

I love your sound, dude. This has a very 80s feel to it, which I'm totally diggin'. :)

Very upbeat and happy and bouncy and groovin'! Kept my head noddin' and my feet tappin'.

Nice stuff, all the melodies had a flow and kept changing throughout. Nice trip out at around 2:37 too, fun break. :)

really nice layering

would agree with the others below that certain elements could be eq'd a bit sharper but I'm prone to leaving things gritty myself sometimes. all in all a very nice sound here, I used to love listening to this song at guvernment parties so maybe I'm biased. :D

really great progression though, I like how you drop around a minute in though the way you filter your hats in seem a little harsh on the ears, try playing with the res a bit more. :)

Crakle responds:

Thanks Durn i really appreciate it!! i will definitely take your advice and other users advice when i get back to this song! Ill try to improve my hi hats lol but thanks again!

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